Monday, February 22, 2016

What is the great american sport drag racing? Drag racing is a very popular sport in america. There is a great history behind drag racing. There's two types of drag racing N.H.R.A. and I.H.R.A, N.H.R.A. stands for National Hot Rod Association and the other stands for International Hot Rod association. N.H.R.A started in California by wally parks in america. Drag racing is all over the world from Europe, south america new Zealand.
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This a picture of the traxxas drag racing funny car.

Drag racing consist of different classes from, funny car, top fuel, pro stock cars and bikes. Also pro mod. They all go at
different speed, different horse power, and different times. each class compettes who can make it down the track with out going over there designated time they have chosen or fouls. If you cross the center line you are disqualified if you red light (simply go before told to) you are disqualified. Go over your elapse time you have chosen to run you break out. Each race has drivers all over the world to race in order to race the top 16 are qualified, if your not in the top 16 you don't qualify. There two rounds of eliminations  that where drivers compete for a spot in the race. Than there are four rounds 1st round, 2nd round, semi-final, and final. Each driver who loses is over sometimes in drag racing you can buy back but that only in I.H.R.A.. In N.H.R.A. you can not buy back in.


Safety is a big issue in a lot of things. In drag racing is a dangerous sport, at antron browns two deadly crashes. Don schmaucher watched it second by second. His car hit and tore the front fin off the dragster and sent it backwards. And also came back and stabbed into the half-inch thick plastic.

Can these canopy's protect the driver from deadly debris?

Neal Straubarugh was hit in the helmet by debris. I think these canopy's will protect the driver but is it necessary should it be a rule a safety rule. Or be a obeject getting in the way of having fun and don't worried about the safety. This will bring safety for all drivers a lot of things should be done to protect the drivers.

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